So, I’ve been job-hunting for months to no avail in my rural town. I have an M.A in English and every job (including minimum wage) has shot me down cold. Most of them said I’m overqualified.
I love my town and my cheap apartment. But the prospects of working in this town are grim and I don’t think I’ll ever be employed here.
I have some savings. Should I just move to a big city without a job (I’m thinking Boise or somewhere in Texas)?
The reason why I am panicking is because my landlord has been letting me stay in my apartment month-to-month. However, she just told me that she wants to know how much longer I plan to stay because she wants another fixed 9 month lease VERY SOON (which I don’t want to be trapped into). I can’t afford 9 months rent if I’ll be unemployed the whole time.
So should I just pack up and head to a bigger city and look for a job? I figured it would be more economical than flying/driving hundreds of miles for job interviews.
Help please!