Concern by cyrus’ mommy: anyone completed the travel from Las Vegas to Seattle?
I am shifting to Seattle & need to hire a truck…I am seeking to see if any person has accomplished this push ahead of with a rental truck…which route did you generate (up I-fifteen by way of SLC & over to Seattle up ninety three to Boise to Seattle I-15 south to LA & up the I-five?) I am also hunting to discover out how considerably you spent in fuel/diesel primarily based on the route, truck dimension & gas or diesel motor…I’m likely to be driving our family’s mini van & already have a “guestimate” on that value…I need to know how lengthy it took you, measurement truck & how significantly it price for fuel…any & all information will be valuable! thanks so considerably! oh, we’re shifting in about a thirty day period so we are nonetheless looking for the Best rental truck company so any suggestions will be Significantly appreciated!

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Solution by ImRightYourWrong, Yadadamean
You get Interstate- 84, the a single that goes by means of idaho, and boise. It will be 19 several hours straight driving, so do the math on the gasoline based on what your driving. Cannot assist you will rental truck because this is touring concerns not relocating.

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