Question by Josh M: Average cost of living for single male.?
I’m a couple months away from being a patrol officer for the local PD. Starting pay is $ 3740.

Can someone help me out with figuring out cost of living? Im looking for a ballpark estimate, preferably from personal experience.

Things to include:
Groceries, toiletries, gas, Utilities (I’m planning on renting an apartment are utilities included in rent?), Internet/cable, 1 cell phone line, Insurance for an SUV, clothing, food for eating out (once/twice a week), and most importantly Uncle Sam’s cut of my paycheck.

If it helps I live in Boise, Idaho.

The apartment is >$ 700/MO

Is my paycheck enough to live comfortably or is it a paycheck to paycheck sorta deal?

I have never lived on my own so Im a bit curious.

Sorry, yeah it’s $ 3740/MO..

What about if my girlfriend moves in? How much is her cost of living considering that we share a car, utilities, all that jazz? Mainly just her grocery/toiletry expense.
Does property tax apply to my apartment, or does the land owner get charged with it?

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Answer by wolfwood
You are either missing a zero or that’s a monthly pay out which if it’s the latter you should not have much to worry about. Subtracting for your needs it should come between 1000-2000 left over for you to use towards yourself at the end of the month.

If that’s your yearly earning you may want to get a second job.

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