Question by uber_elf: How is University of Utah’s Computer Science program?
I am not sure how colleges measure up I.T. programs but currently I am enrolled in everything I can be enrolled in at my high school. I get my A+ cert in a month, have an internship…and all that jazz

Just wondering what each schools programs are like. And if it matters ( not sure if it does or not) I am looking towards the A+ or web design side. Not programming!

I am a junior in high school and looking into these schools so any extra info will really help! Also any info on when i should start applying or making trips to see these colleges would also be really appreciated!

Boise State University
University of Oregon
University of Utah

If you can only speak for 1 of them i would still really appreciate it!

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Answer by mcdisney2001
I’m a Boise State student!

I’m not in IT, but I love the campus here at BSU. It’s beautiful here. Also, because our football team won the Fiesta Bowl two years ago, we have money pouring into the university like crazy right now, which is great for every department.

What state are you in? We have a program called WOMI, where residents of Washington (or maybe Wyoming?), Oregon, Montana and Idaho can all attend college in these states without paying out-of-state tuition, so that might be a deciding factor for you.

From what I know about the caliber of the schools you listed, I think they’re all going to be pretty similar as far as prestige and quality of education goes. However, Boise is going to be the cheapest as far as cost of living goes. You can rent an apartment near campus starting at around $ 350/month, and things like groceries and utilities are much more affordable here than in most parts of the country.

As far as admissions, BSU will give you admission as long as you meet its requirements. You must have a diploma or GED, and have the required number of high school credits in math and English. If you do not take the extra year of math that they want (meaning a year more than required to graduate), you can take a non-credit math class while attending the university to make it up.

I’m linking our undergraduate catalog for you to take a look at. If you need more information, or have any questions, you can email me at mcdisney2001 at yahoo dot com, and I’ll be happy to talk with you.

Good luck, and Go Broncos!

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