Question by anawnamous: The Best Entry Level Job?
Hello there, I have been searching for a entry level job that is worth the hassle. If I could I would like to get a job for distribution/warehouse, cashier, lot attendant, inventory or service clerk . I would enjoy hearing the opinions from the yahoo regulars that have(or know about) entry level jobs or higher, I have been at this for a while….

I have the following options: Safeway,Albertsons, Wallgreens, Longs Drug , Borders, Bank Of America, Ikea,Home Depot, Starbucks, Office Depot, Best Buy, Mc Donalds, Taco Bell,In And Out Burger, and maybe Office Max/Boise Cascade/or UPS(or any other postal service). I don’t mean to really sound like I am in it for the money but I need to get a job thats salary is worth the effort.

Can anyone help me find an entry level job from the choices above that pays at the least $ 8 or higher?

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Answer by lore
White House Aid

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