Question by Kortney Baker: Where is the best place to live?
I am currently a senior in high school and i plan on going to college where i live (Alaska) at least for a year or two. I will be living with my parents so i’ll be able to save a lot of money up for my big move. I would stay in Alaska, but i want to be a lawyer and there aren’t any law schools in Alaska. So, i need to know what are the best cities to live in and go to law school. I do have some necessities for the cities: must be a warm climate. I’m from alaska and i don’t like the cold, so i want some place warm. Must be reasonable went it comes to rent. I would like a nice apartment/house under 1,200 a month. Somewhere with a lot of life. Close to shops, bars, restaurants etc..
I don’t want names of apartments or anything, i don’t expect you to go out of your way, but a general area of the city would be nice and maybe a link for info on the city

Best answer:

Answer by Schwaby
Canada, preferably Calgary AB.

-The economy here is a powerhouse on the world scale and affected less by recessions than others
-Universal healthcare
-Warmer climate that Alaska
-University of Calgary
-Relatively close to home
-No idea about rental, but I’m pretty sure you can find plenty of apartments for $ 1200/month
-Lots of sports teams…lots of parties

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