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Laurie asked:

My mom who’s 70 and on a fixed income is currently living with me in Boise waiting for her house to sell in Northern California. She wants to have her own place but is kind of in limbo right now because of the market. Some family members think she should just rent it out and wait for the market to turn around (which I know may take a while) instead of selling it for what she would get for it right now. Her home is paid for so she could afford to lower her price and still pay cash for one here. There are a ton of homes flooding the market here in Boise too, so she could still get a great deal on a home here eventually as well. If she rents it out, she would have to rent something for herself here. When the market does turn around and she was to sell then, wouldn’t she lose a big chunk of it to taxes anyways if it was rented out longer than 2 years? Thanks for any advice!!!!
She would not earn a profit from it. The rent she gets would have to pay her rent here. By the way, my mom is way into her health is isn’t going anywhere for a long time.

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