Query by Ian R: Does this qualify as vacation expenditure deductions?
I live forever in Boise, ID with my spouse and pet. I work in Yakima, however, for three-four times per week. I have an place of work there that I lease out and also stay at whilst I am there. I also perform as a contractor at an off site location every single working day. My query is can I deduct from my taxes the complete expense of the workplace even even though I rest there 3 nights for every 7 days. Can I deduct my mileage distance from my residence in Boise to the Yakima business office? Or only my mileage from my workplace in Yakima to the offsite area? Also, given that I am absent from home, can I deduct my food costs even though I am en route in between cities and while I am operating and remaining at the office?

Many thanks men

Best answer:

Response by tro
your tax ‘home’ is exactly where you operate which is Yakima
the off internet site location would be deductible bills
if you can figure out the % of room that your business office is for individual use, you can most likely deduct the remainder as enterprise expenditure and sure the mileage from your primary place of work to work internet site would be deductible
your dwelling expenditures in Yakima, meals and so forth is not deductible considering that that is your tax house
(if you surprise why this is so, the controversy arose especially elected officials, entertainers and many others. and it was determined that exactly where they ‘work’ is their tax property and also enabling them the deductions of the real property–exactly where they have a everlasting home)
and because you have a 2nd home, if you have mortgage and many others that would be deductible

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