Query by cad monkey 208: I am relocating from Boise,ID to Sacramento,CA.?
I am transferring from Boise to Sacramento in about 6-seven months. I needed to know how quickly I should start seeking for jobs and apartments. Is it nevertheless too early? Do firms review resumes when you nevertheless have that a lot time prior to relocating? I am in the architectural field. Any person with relocation knowledge would be extremely helpful.

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Answer by Felicity
Housing in Sacramento sucks. Occupation seaching in Sacramento sucks .. the climate is terrible.

Why on earth are you moving to Sacramento ?

Anyway – you can not truly start off seeking for residences now b/c they most likely do not have thirty-day notices of go away 6-7 months in progress. You can start looking on the web for apts. in neighborhoods you like and these kinds of, but you can not actually start off seeking until finally two months in advance.
Jobwise – I would appear in craigslist.org in Sacramento. It can give you an idea of what locations are in what neighborhoods. If you are degree certain, begin seeking at firm internet sites. If you are not … most areas are often hiring. Just observe out for holiday getaway employing only.

Great luck – and make sure your apt. has air conditioning or you will be depressing !!

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