• 2004 Aerial Photography taken in the spring/summer
  • Easy to use – No experience needed. Free GIS viewer software -Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/Vista or MACs.
  • 100% coverage for your county – 1 Meter Pixel Resolution – See above sample
  • Zoom, pan, measure, copy/paste into reports, and print your own maps.
  • No restrictions of use. Commercial use is allowed. Use in publications, websites, & maps/posters. You get full utility of the data – not just a jpg snapshot!

Product Description
The Aerial Photography CD will change the way you view your county! This easy to use Aerial Photography CD gives a bird’s eye view of topography, vegetation, urban development, agriculture and other geographic features in natural color. Hunters, Fishermen, & Sportsmen – scout out your hunting area from the air and print aerial photos. Land Owners, Farmers, & Ranchers – quickly assess the health of your crops, trees, and other vegetation with natural color photogr… More >>

Boise County Idaho Aerial Photography on CD